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        The Withered Savant stared at the melog he had created and could not help but feel disappointment. The melog only know how to battle when following his orders. It was completely different from the golems he had met during his time at Enochian Tower. They had no consciousness or wisdom, and was nothing like what he had anticipated. The Withered Savant felt that creating objects without wisdom was an insult to himself. Hence, he thought incessantly about how to improve the melog before him.

        As he researched the melogs of other Savants, he realized that each melog would only act as ordered by its creator; it would never act on its own. Furthermore, they were not particularly powerful, and were simple weapons that lacked judgement. It was difficult for them to provide true power in combat.

        “How annoying! If it does not have wisdom, what is its difference from a sword?”

        Suddenly, Withered Savant had a moment of epiphany — “If it has my wisdom, its power will definitely...” If he could put his own consciousness and knowledge into the melog... The Withered Savant was determined to implement this interesting plan. After much experimentation, the Withered Savant finally added his consciousnesses into the melog.

        “Do you know what you are?”

        “I am Withered Melog, a manufactured creature.”

        Withered Melog?“”

        “You are my creator, and I am unique. Hence, I used your title to name myself.”

        “Haha! Good! Good!”

        Withered Melog clapped in joy. He had successfully implemented his theory; furthermore, he had proved his intelligence greater than the other Savants. After all, he had created a melog with its own consciousness, a melog that transcends others. Unfortunately, he did not notice the suspicion in the Withered Melog’s eyes...