Belle thought her lover, Jackson, had betrayed her. She poisoned him without hesitation, not knowing it was all a misunderstanding. When the truth was unveiled, Jackson was too far gone to be saved. The heartbroken Belle descended into complete madness. Eventually, she ended her life in flames.
        As Belle’s soul struggled to attain peace, elements had created a vision to soothe her wandering soul…
        One night, after finishing the work in the restaurant, Belle headed home. She saw Jackson walking with a girl. Belle promptly began to tail them. They entered a restaurant after crossing several streets. Belle peered out of the window and saw them talking and laughing, having a great time. It incensed Belle so much that she immediately stomped into the restaurant.
        ‘Jackson! How could you do this to me?’ Belle slammed the table, stunning the room.
        Jackson and the girl’s eyes widened, surprised at Belle’s sudden appearance. The girl straightened up, but Belle interrupted her before she spoke, ‘Stay out of our business! Shut your mouth!’ The girl sat down as tears brimmed in her eyes. Belle could not take it anymore and left the restaurant. She did not turn back even though Jackson kept shouting her name. At a corner, he finally caught up and seized Belle’s hand.
        ‘Let go of me! All men are like you! I won’t trust you again!’
        ‘Hear me out! It’s not what you think it is!’
        Belle struggled to free herself, but Jackson held her wrist even tighter. At last, she gave up resisting. They remained silent on the street. Jackson pulled Belle close to him and stared into her eyes. He grabbed an elegant box out of his pocket and said, ‘All my life I've been living for this moment…’ Jackson opened the box and kneeled. ‘Belle, I love you. I know you’re the one. Will you marry me?’
        The sudden bliss threw Belle off track. She covered her mouth and tears poured down her face; she nodded vigorously. Jackson joyously put the ring on Belle’s finger. They embraced and kissed. Days later, they said their marriage vows and became husband and wife.
        Married life was not as wonderful as Belle had imagined. At first, she indulged in Jackson’s care, but the monotonous lifestyle soon bored her. She began to miss the busy days in the restaurant.
        Belle returned to the restaurant and served as a waitress again, but was forcefully brought back home by Jackson. Jackson slammed the door and yelled, ‘You think I can’t take care of my business alone? Or you’re not satisfied?’ ‘No, I just…’ ‘Great. A married woman should only focus on housework!’ Jackson returned to the restaurant alone afterward.
        Belle thought, ‘It should be fine if I keep low profile and stay away from customers.’
        Belle created recipes of cakes in various flavors. Looking forwards to trying them with Jackson when he came back, she was filled with excitement. Unfortunately, Jackson showed no signs of joy. He even blamed Belle, ‘Did I do anything wrong? I told you to stay out of the restaurant!’ ‘I was just trying to help…’ ‘I won’t ever ask for help from my wife!’ Jackson stomped off to his room. They did not talk the entire night. Belle looked at the cakes. Her tears finally dropped.
        Belle lived a tasteless, ordinary life. She may be a blessed wife in others’ eyes, but no one knew that her love came at the price of her dream…
        “The ultimate goal of love is unconditional sacrifice. If you aren't prepared to forfeit everything for love, your future will be fraught with nothing but tragedy…”

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