The woods were bustling with noise tonight. A large group of spiritual beasts and unicorns danced in front of a bonfire for celebrating the reconstruction of their home. The place rang with hurrahs. Since Haza was not accustomed to such special occasion, he walked away from the crowd. At this moment, someone was approaching——Pahrl. Haza stood up, looking at Pahrl with a gentle smile.
        “Haza, thank you. We couldn’t rebuild our home without your help. I can finally see their smiles.”
        “Humph, I just dropped by.”
        “I know you’re helping them in all sincerity. Otherwise, you’ll not have the horn.” Pahrl gently caressed it, “Come, time to release you.”
        Pahrl embraced Haza, bent down and whispered a few unknown words. Then, Haza was dazzled by colourful lights. In the blink of an eye, a unicorn showed up.
        “I...have changed back to human form.” Haza stood up and looked at his hands.
        “Haza, finally you’re free.” Pahrl’s form had also switched back to a unicorn. However, it seemed it could not get used to the sudden change of the body from human to horse, so it was acting unnaturally.
        “Right...I can go back.” Haza responded with a blank look instead of feeling excited.
        “Haza, I——”
        A dozen of spiritual cubs was rushing at Pahrl, trying to invite both of them to the bonfire. Watching rounds of clumsy dances, Haza finally wore a smile on his face.
        As the celebration came to an end, those exhausted spiritual beasts were sleeping around the fire, even Pahrl was used up and fell asleep. The only one staying awake was Haza, all because of the “knot” tying in his heart.
        Hence, he decided to have a walk, hopefully which wound soothe his heart. As soon as he walked out of the tribe, a strange noise sent from the woods. Driven by his hunting instinct, Haza lay down immediately and cocked his ears.
        “, 8 people in total.”
        Who would bother to come to the forest late at night? No one, except hunters. Haza sneaked into the woods, stayed as low profile as he could, and soon he found those hunters.
        “That girl is the hunter who tried to abduct the cubs before!” Haza recognized her in no time.
        “Agarita, this forest really has a unicorn——Ahh!” A manticore pounced on that hunter before he finished his words.
        “Are you distrusting me? Last time I let them go because I know they can lead me to the unicorn here.” Agarita, the female hunter, stepped on that hunter’s face and continued, “and keep quiet okay? If they spotted us, all the efforts will be in vain. You can’t afford it.”
        “Darn we fell into her trap last time.” Haza gritted his teeth angrily. Meanwhile, he was pondering how to defeat this bunch of hunters.
        “I have to end this once and for all...All I have to do is to lure them to that place...but how...UNICORN...!” Haza, whose eyes glittered with excitement, showed a cunning smile…
        Agarita continued searching with the hunters in the woods. There was a forked road ahead. While they were puzzled about it, a shadow swept across the trees and stopped in the grove. “The unicorn,” a hunter shouted as he pointed his finger.
        Pulling out weapons, those hunters wanted to subdue the unicorn, which was scared off and then ran deep into the forest.
        “Let’s chase it!”
        “Hold on——”
        Driven by their hunting desires, the hunters were going after the unicorn right away; Agarita tried to stop them, but it was already too late. They were all falling into the swamp, giving shrieks of horror.
        “Tut! Those fools!” Suddenly, a flash of silver light swept towards Agarita from a tree ahead. She pulled out the blade and cut the arrow into half, without any sign of nervousness.
        “This will only reveal your location. Manticore, go!” Agarita commanded it to run to the direction of the arrow.
        “Ah——!” Haza, hiding on the tree, was subdued by the manticore due to its massive strength.
        Agarita came over and kicked him hard in the stomach, who then bent down showing a painful face.
        “Good disguising skill, even the moves are exactly the same. I guess you and the unicorn are close to each other right? You can fool those idiots, but you can’t fool me.” She was up to no good and said, “let’s make a deal. If you lead me to the tribe, I’ll let you go.”
        Haza recovered from the pain and opened his eyes. “I’m not like you, bastard!” He spat at her.
        “...How dare you insult me!” The smile on Agarita’s face had wiped off. Now she is filled with anger.
        “I was going to let you die in a more comfortable way, but now I’ll torture you to death! Manticore, tear off his legs!”
        As the manticore was about to claw at him, something knocked it flying. It was Pahrl the unicorn!
        “Phew...I catch up in time. Are you alright, Haza?”
        “Of course...just my stomach still pains me a little.” He tried to be tough, stood up and faced Agarita, who was attracted by the appearance of Pahrl.
        “I must get this unicorn!” While she was going to lash him with a whip, Haza grabbed it and pulled Agarita to himself immediately——
        “Eat this!” He threw a heavy, right punch in her face and sent her flying. Although Agarita balanced her body before falling down, her nose was bleeding, which put her in an embarrassing situation.
        “You——!” She tried to fight back, but given that she was outnumbered by countless of spiritual beasts in the woods, Agarita retreated and left with the manticore.
        “You save us.” Pahrl came over and caressed him with its horn. Recalling everything he had done in the past, Haza looked dejected.
        “...I did lots of bad things before, just like those bastards.”
        “Just let bygones be bygones. Now, you’ve changed.”
        “Thank you...I guess I’m about to leave.” But Haza did not let go of Pahrl. His action had already spoken his heart.
        Pahrl smiled as it knew him well. “Right, are you willing to stay with us?”
        After a while, he nodded gently. Then, Pahrl and the spiritual beasts brought him back to his real home - the tribe...

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