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        “Attention, attention! Sailors wanted for the fleet of Samuel the Robin Hood of the Sea and Anne the Spider of Poison!” A man clamored on the street of a coastal city, drawing people’s attention.

        “Samuel & Anne...I heard that working on board can get rid of being single!”
        “Last time they set sail to North Pole and returned with a pile of treasures!”
        “Seems fun! I’m in!”
        The recruitment had become a hot topic among the people in the city, including Columbus, a traveler from afar.

        “If I become a sailor, I can explore the world and enlighten more people with my master’s knowledge. I need to try it out.” So, Columbus walked to the ferry for the job interview. He met the long queue before he could reach the ferry; And someone was quarreling in the front.

        “Are you cutting in line? Behave yourself,” an emaciated man said. But the bully didn’t listen and even bumped him on purpose. “Humph! So what if I jump the queue? Do you have problem with that? You’ll never get this job with that fragile body! Get outta here——Hey, what-what are you doing!”

        Columbus grabbed the bully’s arm and leaned close to him. His steel mask gave out a solemn vibe. “Line up please. Don’t break the rule.”

        “O, okay! Just let go of me!” Stunned by the aura of Columbus, the bully answered obsequiously.

        “Good.” Columbus let the bully return to his original position.

        After this incident, everyone seemed to behave and the interview went on smoothly; Soon, half of the queue were done interviewing. When it was about to be Columbus’s turn, the interviewer suddenly stood up looking at the other side——both Samuel and Anne were coming over.
        “How’s it going,” asked Samuel. “Any potential sailors spotted?”
        “Some of them are good, . but none of them is impressive enough so far.”
        “ in a million huh.”

        Suddenly, a man ran out from the queue,assassinating Samuel with a dagger. Clash! Anne parried the attack agilely and to threw the man away with all her strength.

        The man rebalanced his body to land on the ground and glared at Samuel and Anne. “Tut! You bastards snatched all the business from our fleet. Today, we die together! I have nothing to lose anyway!” he said vengefully.

        The man pulled his clothes up to show the dynamite taped on his waist, scaring everyone to scream out of terror.

        “Run!” Samuel yelled and carried Anne to escape, but none of them could outrun the bomber. The man sparked the blasting fuse immediately and it burst into flames. Just as the bomb was about to explode, Columbus began to act. He sprinted through the crowd, took the man away and dived into the ocean together.

        Boom! A huge wave rose on the surface; and fishes in the sea was blasted to the shore, jumping on the ground. Thanks to Columbus, everyone was off the hook, safe and sound.

        “That guy sacrificed for us…” Anne sobbed out. The other, in low spirits, remained silent. Suddenly the air was filled with grief.

        “Look...something over there!” Samuel looked at the bubbles on the water surface. Next second, a blue figure appeared——It was Columbus.

        Samuel tossed a rope to get him to the shore; and everyone was eager to help. Anne ran her eyes over Columbus worriedly. “Are you alright?” she asked.

        “Thanks for the kindness, but scratch like this can’t kill me. And I still have to travel the world for my master, spreading his wisdom to more people..

        Columbus stood up and got rid of the kelps on his body. “Is there any chance to continue the interview?” he asked politely.

        Then, someone patted his shoulder——it was Samuel. “You’re on board!” he called out loud to Columbus with a smile.