When the Primordial Dragons departed from the realm, they left behind scales that absorbed elements as time passed. The scales even began to develop consciousness while they slowly formed Human-shaped bodies and became werelizards. They gradually grew in number, and later formed a clan. Every werelizard was imprinted with aggression, as if fighting was their lives’ purpose, and though they lived together, their lives were ruleless, even chaotic. All werelizards were born with arrogance, so none would take orders from any other members of their brethren.

        This did not change until Demons appeared...

        One day, werelizards were fighting each other like usual when a fireball suddenly plummeted from the sky. Even though werelizards were resistant to fire, the unbelievably high temperature reduced a portion of them to ashes. They then noticed a Demon standing outside their camp — Abadon. As one of Belial’s warriors, Abadon received orders to come expel the werelizards from their home, so that the Demons could expand their territory. Although the werelizards had no knowledge of Abadon’s mission, they all hemmed him in as soon as they saw him. However, Abadon was not afraid and instead, he was excited to face so many strong opponents. After a burst of arrogant laughter, Abadon conjured fire elements and charged at the werelizards.

        Despite the incessant attacks from the werelizards, Abadon’s smile became brighter and brighter as he had a more aggressive will to fight than all the werelizards. In a mere while, all the werelizards who had dashed in offense lay unresponsive on the ground. Upon seeing this, the other werelizards fled from the place they had called home for years.

        Hence, all werelizards were afraid of Demons; whenever Demons invaded, the werelizards only fled, and none dared retaliate. Later, a werelizard emerged as a leader. Compared to its companions, it was stronger and more well-built. The special werelizard was also born with an intimidating aura. It could not accept the way the Demons were treating them, and it could not watch the Demons incessantly seize their land, so it wanted to lead all the werelizards to fight against the Demons. The majority agreed and showed their support, but a few refused to follow its orders.

        To suppress the opposing voices, the special werelizard beat the rebellious brethren, and even killed a few of them to warn the others. Eventually, its power and authority cowed all the werelizards into submission, and it became the first lord of werelizards. Since then, this tradition passed down through generations — the most powerful werelizard shall be the lord...

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