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        The limbs of Bhairava and Nandi were chained, hanging in the air. There was a flashing magic circle, written in sanskrit, beneath their legs. As the words glinted, bizarre, black smog came out and both of them were shrouded in darkness.

        “Bhairava, are you still here?...I think...I’ll be gone soon…” Nandi spoke weakly, as if each word had spent all of her energy.

        Bhairava opened his bloodshot eyes widely that his eyeballs almost fell out. “Ahhhh!!! Kill me! I can’t take it anymore...My organs, muscles, bones...felt like crushing,” he shouted.

        “...Let me leave...Let us leave…” Nandi murmured as she closed her eyes. Although she could feel this torture, she was helpless to do anything, except repenting the wrong decision she had made in the past…

        Bhairava and Nandi were born in a poor village nearest to Sinha. Due to the fact that they were conjoined twins, their parents had abandoned them after the birth. Fortunately, an old man was kind enough to take care of them regardless of their defect.

        The twins had been relying on each other. Their bond was more intimate than any normal brothers and sisters. It worried Bhairava that Nandi’s health was getting weaker. Therefore, he hoped to seek help from a doctor that everyone called him master.

        The doctor agreed to heal them. He brought the twins to a tomb close to Sinha. Bhairava and Nandi were the first time ever to be hopeful about their life, but everything was just an illusion. As soon as both of them arrived, they were imprisoned with chains by the doctor, who then drew a weird magic circle on the ground.

        The circle gave off ominous black smog that made them suffer tremendous pain as if their bodies were cut by sharp blades. This torture kept on and on, non-stop, eroding their spirit…

        Splash! A feeling of coldness woke them up from pondering. A man, dressed like a noble, splashed a bucket of water over the twins. This man Kubera, a partner with the doctor, was hateful to the twins.

        “Humph! Your disgusting look makes me sick.” He opened a bottle and poured the liquid on the magic circle with a sneer. “Well, stay still okay? I want to get it done fast.”

        The black smog came out of the circle again and its density was much more than before. Soon, their bodies were filled with unbearable pain. All they could do was to let out screams of terror.

        “Nandi, my dear sister...It’s all my fault. You wouldn’t have suffered if it wasn’t because of me.” Bhairava burst into tears, holding Nandi into his arms to protect her from the erosion of darkness.

        Thanks to Bhairava, Nandi could take a breath. Suddenly, someone was calling her. She opened her eyes and Kubera had already left. Instead, there was a giant bird standing in front of them.

        “Help, help us...Please...Let us go…” Nandi begged for help.

        The giant bird, which was compassionate toward their situation, started absorbing the power of the magic circle. A while later, the chains were broken.

        Then, the twins were set free, but the ominous power still resided, nibbling their bodies. Even so, they still chose to leave this place.

        “Bhairava...are you still here?”

        Nandi was in tears as she did not get his response. Facing this true relief, Nandi carried Bhairava’s body to walk towards the light…