“Dun, sit properly. Master Cao Song and Young Master Cao Cao are about to come. Remember, no matter what happens, you must never do anything without their instructions.” Xiahou Dun’s father ordered. He sat up straight and kept an eye on the door of the living room. Xiahou Dun immediately behaved herself and sat properly. Xiahou’s clan had been serving Cao’s clan from generation to generation, but Xiahou Dun, at such a tender age, was still very nervous. At this moment, the door suddenly opened. A father and son who dressed luxuriously walked into the room with a servant. Xiahou Dun and her father promptly bowed down to show their courtesy.
        “Welcome, Master Cao Song and Young Master Cao Cao.”
        “Is she Xiahou Dun?”
        “Yes. She’ll be your bodyguard, Young Master Cao Cao.”
        Xiahou Dun kept bowing down, but someone with a child-like voice asked as he approached her: “Are you Xiahou Dun? Aren’t you tired to stay on like that?”
        Xiahou Dun remembered her father's words: not to respond without any permission; Cao Cao felt impatient and was shaking his fist at her! Sensing Cao Cao’s action, Xiahou Dun looked up instantly and blocked that hit; she was provoked! Her father jumped down his throat after witnessing her rudeness: “Dun! How can you be so rude?”
        “Mr. Xiahou, it’s my trick. It has nothing to do with her. She has impressive skills, and I’m sure my father can rest assured to let her be my guard.” Cao Cao winked at Xiahou Dun, and everything seemed to be under his control.
        Finally, there were only two of them in the room. Xiahou Dun said: “I’m just your bodyguard. You don’t have to be that kind to me.”
        “But I like it.” Cao Cao smiled, “I’ve already had enough guards, but lack a sincere friend. We’re about the same age. Well listen! From now on, you don’t need to salute me.”
        “Humph! Remember what you’ve just said! Don’t blame me for not showing you the proper manners!” Xiahou Dun responded with a smile.
        Since then, Xiahou Dun was right beside Cao Cao no matter where he went. As the time went by, they had established trust. One night, when she escorted Cao Cao to his residence, she saw two workers were shipping a crate of cloth. She questioned——
        “Aren’t you Cai’s workers? How come you’re still shipping late at night?”
        “My Mistress told us to send some cloth for Master Cao Cao’s apparel!”
        As Xiahou Dun wanted to ask more, Cao Cao grabbed her shoulders suddenly: “In fact, I've heard about it from my father. Please move it into the mansion, thank you.”
        The workers saluted Cao Cao immediately and moved the crate inside.
        “Let’s have dinner.” Cao Cao had no concern for it, but Xiahou Dun smelt a rat in this matter. Therefore, she investigated the two workers privately after supper, but they were long gone already. She decided to report to Cao Cao as soon as possible. As Xiahou Dun was back to Cao’s residence, she was astonished at a cursed doll studded with nails found by a soldier, and there was a name and a horoscope of the deceased emperor marked on it. The chubby Dong Zhuo shouted: “Cao’s clan is found guilty. You dared to hide this horrible thing and use voodoo to kill the ancestor. Soldiers! Put him in jail!”
        Imprisoned for the felony, Cao’s clan was demoted as civilians and their property was also confiscated. Cao Song had turned into a beggar from the former minister. Losing everything drove him mad. He grumbled and was cynical about his loss all the day. Xiahou Dun’s father wanted to continue serving Cao Song, but could no longer bear his pouring of ridicule, so Xiahou Dun’s father decided to never show up in front of Cao’s clan. Sometimes, Xiahou Dun still met Cao Cao as usual. They were still inseparable friends.
        “Why are you still here? Look, even Yanny ignores me now. She doesn’t want to see me at all!”
        “I love to be with you. It’s not easy to get rid of me!”
        Cao Cao was well aware of the true meaning of her words. Even when he was in distress, Xiahou Dun was right beside him, which touched Cao Cao’s heart profoundly and moved him to tears.
        Afterwards, Xiahou Dun had saved Cao Cao, who went berserk due to demon’s possession. Her left eye was taken. Even so she never gave up on him, and finally regained Cao Cao’s consciousness…
        “Dun, you…!”
        “Never mind. I understood.”
        They helped each other and headed back to the village. Xiahou Dun thought everything was over, but did not expect that one day the village was on fire. She rushed towards the direction and saw Cao Cao stand in front of the burning house. As she was about to save his parents inside, Cao Cao stopped her by grabbing her hand suddenly.
        “Don’t go inside. There is something we have to do, but we cannot let them know. They’ve already suffered enough, so just let them rest in peace.” He said as he watched the flames.
        Xiahou Dun could feel Cao Cao’s warmth on her wrist. He held her hand tighter and tighter. She knew Cao Cao had already made up his mind to give up all the things that hindered him. She walked towards and leaned against Cao Cao without saying anything. They relied so much on each other.

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