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        With an infant in her embrace, the woman breathlessly ran up the hill. She kept looking back, and saw countless torches pursuing her, not far away. The woman, panicked, tripping and falling often. It left her covered in wounds as she shielded the infant with her own body. Yet, the flares were approaching her, and she could only stumble along.

        Hearing the ceaseless footsteps closing in, she became more distressed. Yet, soreness throughout her body hindered her progress. All of a sudden, numerous torches appeared in front of her; she hurriedly turned the opposite way, yet unfortunately, she realized that she was already encircled.

        “We finally caught up with this youkai!”

        “No... I’m not a youkai...”

        “This is the youkai who killed the village chief’s son!”

        “I did not kill him... We sincerely love each other. Why would I kill him?”

        The villagers ignored her cries, and simply surrounded her, cursing and throwing stones at her.

        The woman was an outsider who had chosen to stay behind because she had fallen in love with the village chief’s son. They had a daughter together, and had been living a blissful life. Later, the village chief inadvertently killed his son, and cast the blame onto the woman. He even vilified the woman, deeming her a youkai who charmed his son with youkai-jutsu before killing him. All the villagers believed what their chief had said, and were going to kill her. Being chased, the woman could only escape the village in the middle of the night...

        The woman collapsed from exhaustion, still holding her daughter tightly to her chest with her quickly draining strength. She did not attempt to resist; she only hoped that her daughter could be spared. Suddenly, the villagers stopped attacking her. Just when she thought that perhaps she had some chance for survival, to her surprise, the village chief snatched the infant from her instead.

        “What... are you going to do to her...?”

        “I can’t let the offspring of a youkai live!”

        “Yes! Don’t leave loose ends!”

        The village chief put the infant girl on the ground, while the villagers moved to surround her.

t “I beg you! Please let her—”
        The village chief turned to look at her, smirked and shouted, “Quickly kill the youkai infant before it becomes a threat!”

        With that, the woman watched with her own eyes as the villagers surrounded her crying daughter and stomped on the infant; their heavy steps kicked up dust and dirt. After only mere seconds, all that remained was the woman's wailing, and the villager's laughter — the infant did not make another sound.

        In the forest shrouded in darkness, the woman, now alone, struggled to her feet. Expressionless, she stumbled towards her infant daughter’s broken body. Face buried in her hands, she mixed grief-stricken wails and frantic laughter; she fluctuated between despair and resentment.

        “I curse all to a painful death!”

        From that day onward, none ever returned after heading up this hill; thus, none dared to go again. It was said that the victims had encountered a human-eating youkai mother in the hill, and consequently, become her luscious delicacies...