After Yang Jian had complied with his order and left Peach Mountain, he had been appointed the logistic supervisor, in charge of transporting provisions. The deities of Peach Mountain were unwilling to settle for such a lowly job, yet Yang Jian remained unperturbed. They remonstrated, “We became xian after hardship of centuries. We abandoned our identity as xian and follow you for your noble resolution and that you never curry favor with those in power. As you have taken the order, you should defeat the general of our enemy at the battlefront as the vanguard of the army. How come you could be not ashamed of such a lowly job you are doing now? Please dismiss us from our posts. We are not worthy.” Yang Jian dissuaded, “As the military treatise has told us, provisions go before the army does. This is an important duty given to me and it should not be slighted,” he added, “Be patience, Dipankara has assured me that what we deliver today will be vital someday.”

        On the day of the final battle with the Grand Preceptor, Jiang Shang asked Yang Jian lead the army at the front, while horsemen were deployed to scout the field. As Yang Jian was prepared to lead the army forward, Dipankara came to assist him riding on his fire. He ordered soldiers to fetch the carriages carrying the provisions from the depot. Dipankara waved his hand and the crops were gone, only flammable straw was left. He pointed at the yellow straw and told Yang Jian, “There is no need to be worried, General. You may lead the army to battle now.”

        As Yang Jian rode the Skyhowling Hound to the camp of enemy, thousands of horsemen arrived. The ground shook and the dust they stirred up blocked the Grand Preceptor’s view and he was busy with the horsemen. The Ten Crucial Arrays were as invincible as bulwark since there was one of the Ten Welkin Lords casting defense at each corner. The leading brigade of Yang Jian could no longer fight after lengthy battles, yet back-up was nowhere to be seen. Yang Jian, who defeated countless enemies, was trapped in the middle of the arrays in confusion.

        Suddenly he heard a voice, “Our victory has been ensured. General, please return at once.” Yang Jian had the hound bounced to the air. High in the sky he saw that the back-up, which had retreated to a mile away. He heard another voice again, “All spirits of Peach Mountain are here at your service. General, please give your commands.” Yang Jian did not know what it meant, so he swung his weapon. Under his command the army parted. He saw Dipankara casting a spell and columns of flames emerged in the arrays from where no guards were present, engulfing the straw that was hidden earlier and spreading to the Grand Preceptor’s army.

        After the battle, as the soldiers cleaned up the battlefield, Yang Jian saw that countless spirits flew around the burnt corpses like snowflakes from the third eye on his forehead... The rebellion troops cheered in victory yet Yang Jian shed tears of regret instead, “Dipankara and Ziya know that I came only to purge the human world of celestial power and have no intention to kill...They know too that I stick to my principles of honesty and righteousness that I will not defy orders, so they have been keeping me in the dark.”

        Since then, Yang Jian had been living in seclusion on the mountains . He never cared about the affairs of Human and Xian ever again. Jiang Shang went to the mountains and paid Yang Jian a visit, invest him the Deity of Fidelity for his honesty and righteousness. Yang Jian had been drinking with various spirits in the mountains and heard no news about anything down the mountain.

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