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        Even after Yang Jian was invested as a God, he continued his hermitage on Peach Mountain with Skyhowling Hound and Valiant Dog. One day, villagers walked up the mountain looking for him, claiming they were assaulted by a crowd of peculiar “Humans”. Finding the situation bizarre, Yang Jian decided to investigate to ensure the villagers’ safety.

        Following the villagers’ description, Yang Jian arrived at the mountainside. There, he saw “people” in ascetics’ outfits gathering beneath a tree. Each wobbled where they stood, as if they were unable to balance themselves; eerier yet, they incomprehensibly alternated between sorrowful cries and maniacal laughter. Holding tightly onto his forked spear, Yang Jian signaled Skyhowling Hound and Valiant Dog to stay before approaching the crowd alone.

        Sensing Yang Jian’s presence, the “people” channeled peculiar power and dashed at him, weapons in hand!

        “It’s the Celestial Warrior! Killing him can grant us the power to achieve Xian-hood!”

        “Think again! Do you really think it is that easy for a mortal to become Xian? To achieve Xian-hood, you need sustained ascetic cultivation!”

        “Liar! Only power matters on the path to Xian! If we kill you, we will attain Xian-hood like you!”

        Yang Jian blocked their attack with his spear before conjuring earth elemental power to restrain them. However, to his surprise, they were able to summon fire elemental power to burn away the binding branches Yang Jian had conjured.

        Though power had corrupted their mind, they were once Humans; Yang Jian did not wish to end their lives and instead, he sought incessantly to dissuade them. However, his words were to no avail; all their attacks aimed to kill.

        ‘Darn! They have lost their sanity. The false paths to Xian-hood has clouded their mind...’

        Realizing they were unable to recover, Yang Jian was forced to slash his spear through the air. The souls of the deceased “Humans” floated from their bodies...

        ‘Forgive us, Celestial Warrior of Peach Mountain. We have caused you a lot of trouble. If war was not depriving us of our resources, we would not have looked for a way to achieve Xian-hood, arrogantly thinking that we mortals can become Xian. In the end, the power cost us our minds, and everything we treasured...’

        “Haha! Even if you actually managed to attain Xian-hood, it may not be as you have believed. Now go to the place you have to go! May true peace be with you...”

        Upon hearing Yang Jian’s words, the souls of the deceased gradually dissipated, beginning their peaceful rest.

        A chaotic realm, evil creatures running amok; all are corroding the sense of people’s securtiy. Therefore, Yang Jian decided to descend from the mountain with his two dogs, and endeavor to change the realm as much as he can. Stabilizing people’s life can hopefully eliminate false ways to achieve Xian-hood...