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        Even after Yang Jian had become a Celestial Warrior, he could never forget his identity. Being born of his celestial mother and mortal father, he was designated a warrior by the Jade Emperor for the celestial power he had inherited from his mother and the enlightenment he received from a xian. As a hybrid of both races, Yang Jian could have worked in the Celestial Palace, but he proclaimed himself to be a human. He settled down in a tent under Peach Mountain, saving people with his power, that he was widely worshipped. Before the outbreak of the war between Human and Xian, many xian have been the guests in Yang Jian’s tent, while a large number of wood elves were at Yang Jian’s command. Yang Jian used to spend his days drinking with xian from different mountains, sometimes trying out his skills by sparring with the others in the Heavenly Kingdom. Every time the Celestial Palace issued an edict, Yang Jian would comply with only the appeals for his help, but not the orders. The celestial children sang, “The proud deity disowns his kin in the Heavenly Kingdom. He retires from the palace and settled in Peach Mountain.”

        One day Yang Jian was hiking with several deities, when a voice came sounded from the sky suddenly - “By the Order of the Celestial Palace, Jiang Shang is fighting an arduous battle against the pagans. Erlang, please go to his aid.” Yang Jian looked collected and radiant. He yelled, “Go back to the palace. Tell the Jade Emperor that the enemies have been defeated.”

        As the voice from the sky faded into the distance, Yang Jian’s companions all asked, “Are you really going to aid them in battle? Don’t you remember that in what way the Jade Emperor treated your mother? When you were first born to your mother, the emperor condemned her to be trapped in Peach Mountain for entering the realm of men without permission. If not only for the Prime Terra Ascetic gave you an axe which could cut through the mountain, you could never save her. The emperor then summoned nine suns and burnt your mother to death on Peach Mountain. Now the Elves are roaming the realm of men and he is ordering you to a battle, isn’t this too...”

        “I made a pact with the Jade Emperor, that he exempted my duties in the palace, gave me a title and allowed me to stay in the realm of men. It is my duty to evict the evil in the name of the Celestial Palace. I am willing to go even if it is not the order of the Jade Emperor.”

        Yang Jian rode a cloud to Peach Mountain. He stood in front of his mother’s tomb for long, thinking about what he had just said. His mother had been longing for life in the realm of men, which people could live with their loved ones, and she eventually ended up burnt to death on the top of the mountain. Those they now had to fight used to be Taoist and could have enjoyed all blessings in the secular world. However, they were envious of the power of Xian. As a result, they became beings that were neither xian nor men. Yang Jian thought, only by eliminating all sources of celestial power from the realm of men could they truly stop people from attempting to reach enlightenment, so that tragedy of his mother could be the last of the kind and there would be no more pagans bringing misfortune to the human world.

        After visiting his mother’s tomb, Yang Jian was determined. He seized the pike pierced at the tomb and struck the ground with it. The sound was so great as if the mountain was shook. The Skyhowling Hound came as it heard the sound and laid down still on Yang Jian’s head. As the Xian were positioned, the armies had been prepared; Yang Jian went down the mountain, under the accompany of his pets.