The sunset painted the sky orange in the embrace of lush mountains. A student, carrying a pile of sticks on the back, went down the hill along a trail. Suddenly, rustles in the woods drew his attention. Going deep out of curiosity, he saw a lady who was going to hang herself to death on a tree.

        “Stop!” The student shouted and rushed to grab her legs. However, the impact of his action caused the lady to lose balance, falling on the ground with him.

        Screaming with pain, both of them were tossing and turning. The student bore the soreness, grabbed the lady’s shoulder and asked in a fury, “Why are you trying to kill yourself, you fool! Have you ever thought about your parents!?”

        “They passed away last month!” Yuhuan sobbed out the truth with tears welling up her eyes; her pitiful misery touched the heart of the student.

        “Sorry, I…” He was speechless at this moment. “I have no one to rely on anymore. A humble woman like me can’t survive this chaotic world,” Yuhuan said helplessly.

        Breaking down, she wept her eyes out with beady tears and continued in a soft voice. “If I’m here to suffer and struggle for survival, I’d rather die.”

        Yuhuan pushed away the student gently and stood up. The sunset highlighted her plumpy body curve. Then she bowed to him while speaking in a delicate tone, “It’s very kind of you, but I’ve made up my mind. Please let me go.”

        “I...I can’t fold my arms and watch you die.” Seeing Yuhuan in despair, the student decided to be her saviour. So he held her hands tight determinedly, “I’ll take care of you!”

        The student brought her home and started a new life together. Since then, he had been treating her like a gentleman, lending the only bedroom of his house to Yuhuan while he just slept in the study room next door.

        His affection for this lady grew rapidly. A simple, gentle touch of her would make his heart palpitate. Therefore, whenever he knew Yuhuan was still cheerless, he would feel very anxious about her suicidal intention.

        One day, when the student heard a news of a carnival taking place in the city that night, he invited Yuhuan to join. In order to make her look pretty, the student specially bought a new dress as a gift.

        “Yuhuan, look! It’s bustling over there. Everyone is happy.” The student wore a smile pointing at the lively street.

        On both sides of the street, there were various stalls of toys and food attracting people’s eyeballs. Young boys and girls were chit-chatting; and kids chased each other. All these added up to a joyous atmosphere in the city.

        However, Yuhuan seemed not even cheered up a bit. She still had that worried look, somehow appealing with an irresistible charm. The student simply could not take his eyes off Yuhuan. Suddenly, she carelessly stumbled on the street; and the student got her in time.

        “Are you alright? Are you feeling sick?” He asked nervously while looking at her pale face.

        “I’m dizzy...This place reminds me of my parents…” Yuhuan’s eyes brimmed with tears, and she covered her face with a handkerchief instantly.

        “I just need some rest. I’ll catch you up later.”

        “Sigh, you know me. I can’t leave you alone.” The student took pity on her with explicit affection.

        Yuhuan lowered her head as she was blushing at the words, which even made him crave for her. In order not to overwhelm her, the student put his feelings aside and carried Yuhuan to a quiet pavilion for a rest.

        There were three officers on patrol; the leader came over as he spotted the student. “So you’re here for the carnival. This year is truly wonderful. I wish I could join too.”

        “The carnival lasts for few days. I’m sure you can spare some time for it,” he answered. Afraid of meeting strangers, Yuhuan cringed behind the student and lowered her face. Yet her curvaceous figure could hardly conceal from the eyes of the guards.

        “Homicide cases are increasing recently. We just found another corpse in the mountain.” The leader pointed at the forest adjacent to the city, where was exactly the same place where the student had met Yuhuan.

        “A murder?”

        “No, he hung himself to death.” The leader touched his chins. “It had a similar case before. I heard that the culprit is a charming elf. She seduces men and lures them to commit suicide together in the name of love. Each time she succeeds, she’ll make a petal tattoo on her arm.”

        “This is just an absurd rumor.” The student shook his head.

        “I believe so. But if that elf is a beauty, I don’t mind to die with her.” Then, the leader patted the student on the back and made fun of him, “coz I don’t have such a beautiful girlfriend like you do. Anyways, I ain’t gonna interrupt you date anymore.”

        After that, the leader left the two behind and returned to his patrol. Embarrassed, the student spoke as he scratched his cheek, “sorry, he was just mouthing off.”

        “Never mind.” Yuhuan shook her head, “I feel better now. Let’s go.”

        Both of them continued walking around in the celebration. However, Yuhuan had been preoccupied with something else during the date. The student feared that she only pretended to be happy for the mood, so he decided to call it a night.

        Arriving at the doorstep, he stopped. “Are you alright, mister,” Yuhuan asked in a puzzlement.

        “...Yuhuan.” After a moment of hesitation, the student took out a jade bracelet from his sleeve. “I like you. I wish you could be my wife. Then you won’t be alone again as I’m always here with you.”

        She cried and sobbed, not because she was sad, but overjoyed. Accepting his proposal, the shy Yuhuan came into his arms.
As the inner desires of love grew intenser, the young couple decided to escalate their affection to the physical level...

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