A big tree was floating in the universe, with two gargantuan creatures twining around the trunk. They seemed to be in a deep slumber, accompanied by steady, slow breath rhythm. The tree had countless fruit coated with different colors of flames, as if it was pulsating vitally. One of the fruits with green flame was the hotbed of “Yibb Tstll”.
        Yibb felt extremely hot since senses appeared. The long-lasting burning had paralyzed its thoughts; each part of its body melted into lava-like liquid. But the heat did not make it suffer, but rather feel safe, peaceful like soaking into amniotic fluid.
        Yibb curled up its body as the heat grew stronger and stronger. The fruit was about to ripe. One day, Yibb had a perception that the intensity eventually reached the critical point——
        A nut-cracking sound came from the fruit; Yibb and the liquid were exploded. As the haunting heat faded away, a deep chill penetrated into its body. Yibb was at a loss, for it felt something important was lost. Yibb moved its slender body as if performing a dance of death. The perfect balance of innocence and beguilement with its steps impressed something from behind.
        “You’re quite vigorous, little thing. Is it because of me?” The emerald creature Arwassa woke up, popped its head and bantered. However, Yibb was completely carried away by the light dragon perching on the trunk——It was Daoloth the creator of all.
        Yibb stared at it; a gush of joy crammed into its own heart. Yibb understood Daoloth was valuable to itself.
        “What an amazing creature! It is the perfection I’ve been pursuing.”

        The big tree could not run away from wilt eventually. Yibb survived, and followed Daoloth and Arwassa to embark on the path to creation. In contrast to Arwassa, Yibb was meticulous about creation, with absolute accuracy. Even Arwassa was teasing about its perfectionism. But Yibb’s determination had never wavered, for it believed accuracy was perfection. Soon, it realized this idea was totally wrong. No matter how accurate it was, the land of life always withered.
        Unable to endure this failure, Yibb decided to investigate. It came to a grassland, where a few beasts was living in harmony. Everything appeared to be positive. Until one day, a meteorite fell and hit the place.
        Those beasts were not aware of the danger. They embraced their own death with a smile. As a witness, Yibb was shocked at first, and soon it understood the truth.
        “I got it. Accuracy doesn’t mean perfection. I must tell Daoloth!”

        Yibb arrived at a flower field and talked to Daoloth excitedly. “Daoloth, I know the reason why the land of life decays. It’s because we’ve made them too perfect! Homogeneity can’t contain variations. We have to create desires and evil in order to bring out infinite possibilities, and eventually make life perfect!”
        Daoloth got up at this moment. Yibb thought it was gonna receive a compliment. However, Daoloth held it down, pressed its huge mouth close to Yibb and gave out breath of metal smell.
        “My creation doesn’t need these ugly things!”
        “Daoloth…” Shocked, Yibb had never seen such a strong fury taking over Daoloth’s rationality. However, as its yearning for perfection was greater than its respect to Daoloth, Yibb let out a roar powerful enough to make the flowers wilt.
        “Creation with only positivities can’t last long!”
        “You misunderstand something, Yibb.” Daoloth gave a gaze. “I’m the only creator in the universe. My words are absolute.”
        “Daoloth...You’re flawed. And I can’t follow the flawed you anymore.” Yibb looked at Daoloth pitifully, driving it into madness. Its overwhelming roar crushed the whole celestial body instantly. When it was about to engulf Yibb, Arwassa intervened in time.
        “Enough, Yibb! Off you go!” Urged by Arwassa, Yibb had a moment of hesitation, but eventually spread wings to leave, which meant it could never return to their sides. Yibb was not grieved at what it did, as the obsession to perfection was beyond everything.
        “...Daoloth, your superiority may be absolute, but you’re not perfect. I’ll finish what you can’t do.”
        Yibb roamed in the universe alone, making every effort to create evilness. But the result had left much to be desired, which was something it could not make out, until it met Azathoth the inborn destroyer. Yibb was drawn by its majestic form; and there it found the trait it was lacking.
        “The thing I’ve learnt from Daoloth is the creation with only positivity, but possibilities are what I have to pursue. As long as I learn how to destroy from Azathoth and absorb other possibilities, I’m able to improve and become perfect.”

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