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        Folklore about the sea had been circulating among mariners for years. Old sailors used these folk tales to warn the novices about all kinds of emergencies in sailing. Some stories were just to bluff the new boys down and to daunt them. While some of these tales passed down were not just stories...

        “It is said that mermaids pop up in these waters, lad.” An old sailor said when he was sipping ale.

        “Really?” asked the young boy. His eyes were bright with interest.

        The man with captain’s hat said to the old sailor, “Wale, don’t fool Edward around.”

        Old Wale replied, “Haha, it’s just a tale, Captain. Greenhorn believes everything we say.”

        Edward took no heed of what the captain and Wale said, but just quietly gazed at the night sky and the deep blue sea in which he got lost in thought. He could merely hear the laughters of the crew and their noise of fooling around. Borned in a place where magic was not prevalent, Edward was fascinated by the word “mermaid”. In that early morning, he got Wale aside and asked, “Uncle Wale, could you tell me more about mermaids?”

        Old Wale chuckled and explained, “Well son, mermaids are just myths. They don’t exist!”

        “But when there’s smoke, there’s fire!” Edward was not giving up on it.

        “Haha, okay. I’ll tell you,” Old Wale slowly said, “A long time ago, a merchant fleet met with a storm on their way here. At that moment when everyone thought they were going to die, they heard someone singing with a soft and beautiful voice. Yet, no one understood the lyrics. What they only realized was that the fleet went back to its route out of a sudden, just like magic. No one knew what exactly happened...”

        The lookout at the mast suddenly yelled that a storm was coming. Old sailors found it very unusual. Though the sea was unpredictable, things would not happen so unexpectedly without signs. The storm was just around the corner. The crew swiftly returned to their positions and prepared for the rainstorm. Suddenly, they heard someone singing. She sang in a strange language but it didn’t prevent them from appreciating the charm of her tone. In the blink of an eye the merchant ship retraced to its route. Everyone, except Edward, burst into cheers and thanked the God of the Sea for saving them. Edward blanched - he could understand the lyrics.

        ‘Get out of these waters at once. No one can help you if you enrage the Great Cthulhu.’

        “The mermaids sing not to help us. It is a warning instead!” - Edward the Pirate Captain