This is the analysis geared towards players starting out ToS or returning players looking for a solid leader. The leaders listed on Page One and Two generally requires continuous playing for more than 6 months to be effective.

Table of ContentsEdit

The guaranteed ListEdit

The following attribute + race will guarantee a card you want, even for beginners, since there are fewer than 5 available:

  1. Dark Human - 3. Notable Leader: Lu Bu.
  2. Fire Elf - 3. Notable Leader: Sakura.
  3. Earth Elf - 2. Notable Leader: (none)
  4. Light Elf - 3. Notable Leader: (none)
  5. Dark Elf - 5. Notable Leader: Rose.
  6. All Beasts - equal or less than 5 each. Notable Leaders: Aloha, Haza, (Dodo)
  7. All Dragons - equal or less than 5 each. Notable Leaders: Daoloth, Azathoth.

New Player analysisEdit

This applies to players starting a ToS journey - if you are one, the below three guarantees are the most helpful without a solid deck. Their purpose is to climb the Enochian tower quickly:

  • Lu Bu (1291i): No introduction needed, the Top-tier Dark leader.
  • Azathoth (1645i): Incredibly strong dragon leader, useful even without Novalis in hand, due to strong multiplier. Eventually, getting Ursula and Novalis will immediately improve the dragon team to the next level.
  • Daoloth (1643i): Unique Light Dragon-Beast-Elf team, even without obtaining useful members, by virtue of strong multiplier.

A player can also pick a solid Beast leader if one does not mind grinding some more:

  • Haza (1226i): A bit slow but very steady if you want to use beasts.
  • Aloha (1406i): Incredible utility and a solid beast leader. (Dodo has the same leader skill, but Aloha's active is better)

The Elf Leaders (Rose, Sakura) are too advanced for newcomers' use unless you started at version 14.2 in which getting a rare Elf leader will be most effective.

Any VR series (such as Norse, Greek, Chinese God, Crimson Grace) are not very effective for newcomers since they require massive resources.

Returning Player analysisEdit

One of the priorities for a returning player is getting a top-tier leader to get back into the game. The benefits are instant. Applies to players that are at least 6 months away from the game.

I will split the section into the following:

  • v15.0 (Returned just now)
  • v14.3 (Returned since Prologue of the Universe)
  • v14.2 (Returned since Elfish Perennials)

Briefly listing down the periods here:

  • 6 ~ 14 months: Might have series up to Sengoku such as (Lu Bu, Izanagi, Arthur, Nobunaga, etc.) and they are perfectly useable. Only team might not have trained are Dragons and Elves.
  • 14 months ~ 2 years: Might have origin of demons ready to PR, Greek ready to VR, Haza team, collaboration cards such as Monster Strike Lucy team, Chinese Paladins, etc. Have no new-era Special Draw cards at all (except perhaps Black Water or Fire Yan?!).
  • 2 ~ 3 years: Babylonian times and some collaboration cards (Xuan Yuan for example).
  • 3 ~ 4 years: Experienced the days of Daji dominance and dragon teams. Multi-attribute teams were common.
  • 4+ years: A true pioneer in the old days. Only very few cards have fighting value at this moment and might have to play like a beginner.

Suggestion based on returning dateEdit

Returned Since Suggestion Suggested Picks
v15.0 The choice depends on how long you were away. Unfortunately, you miss out on the possibility of making use of Elves, because a solid Elf deck is needed. You might be able to instantly jump to the top if you trained a Dragon deck back when it is dominant. You have to accept that you don't get to truly use elves until they return.
  • 6 ~ 14 months: Azathoth if dragons are trained, Daoloth if Fenrir (PR Wolf fusion) is trained fully. If Gemini is in hand, try Ophiuchus, unless you don't draw enough Earth Gods to make it a guaranteed pick.
  • 14 months ~ 2 years: Same suggestion as above.
  • 2 ~ 3 years: Very likely that you have a dragon deck. Pick Azathoth - you may not have Fenrir to make Daoloth very effective unless you maxed them out.
  • 3 ~ 4 years: Remember that Awakening Recall is a saving grace to very old players who owned a lot of 12 Zodiac cards. A returning super-old player can make use of Azathoth and Daoloth when starting out. Ophiuchus is even better if you used Pollux (Gemini) and Luna (Libra) in the past.
  1. Azathoth, Daoloth
  2. Ophiuchus
v14.3 It should still be the same above, except you might be more experienced than those that just returned, and have a few strong leaders. If you somehow got Azathoth already, you may consider getting Novalis if you don't have one to make fighting easy. Daoloth doesn't require members that need drawing so that's good - see if you want Azathoth (if you have Novalis) or Ophiuchus (if you have Gemini).

There were two drawing events that you might have drawn:

  • Assembly of the Strong: If you draw once, you are guaranteed to get a rare card. Refer to the overview below and see if the card is mentioned. If it is not, it is probably not worth a lot. Repeated drawing from that event was not recommended, so hopefully not many resources were wasted there.
  • Masterful Skills: For returning players, this was the perfect opportunity to get some really good cards. Though, if you were an experienced player back then and returned after a 1 ~ 3-year hiatus, you might have gotten these cards already. Still, these are the universally-accepted ones from the deck:
    • Pollux the Dual Swordsman (Final evo.: 818i): Great member, after Awakening Recall. Important for Dark teams and certain multi-attribute teams.
    • Dragon Spiritor – Water (Final evo.: 1066i): Important partner of Novalis, the core member of dragon teams.
    • Panda Druid – Yunyang (Final evo.: 1408i: Important member of Druid Beast teams, Haza Beast teams, and some more teams that are beast-related.

You can also base your selection on what you received from these recent events that Madhead designed to attract players to draw.

(same as above)
v14.2 If you exhausted diamonds and cannot get an elf rare, pick Rose or Sakura (former makes less damage but less thinking, the latter makes higher damage but more thinking). If you have elf rares, it'll be the same old 3 choices to choose.

3 months is usually enough for a returning player to catch up to the current trends. Therefore, my advice would be to expand the number of teams you have to fight Ultimates and special stages. You may opt to save up some diamonds from this point on and focus on trying to get the potentially strong cards of version 15.1, or, if you are willing to invest a lot of diamonds to try some luck, you can also spend them in a future Black Diamond Event.

Aside from Elfish Perennials and the events mentioned above, there was one drawing event that you might have participated:

  • PILI puppets: Depending on your luck, you might have ended up with a rare card. Su Huan Jen (1506i is an incredible Water leader, made better after amelioration; Yi Yeh Shu (1509i) and Ye Shiao Chai (1510i are Light-Dark Human leaders forming a formidable Human team, but team-building is very restrictive.
  1. Rose, Sakura (if no elf leader but drawn some elves)
  2. The big 3 (Azathoth, Daoloth, Ophiuchus).


Below is an overview that might be overlapped by my previous few pages, but this one is a much shorter summary of what the recent leaders are doing. For new returning players, these are the Speical Draw rare cards that they should know, sorted by attribute:


  • Cornflower (1602i) - Water leader, Water Elf leader, a star Elf team member. Best water leader that is not a black diamond.


  • Ghroth (1639i) - Demon leader (demon-beast-dragon) and a solid member, but requires a good "Prologue of the Universe" deck to be effective. DO NOT choose this if you already own one just wanting to get the second one - it doesn't work that way.
  • Nobunaga (1474i) - Fire leader, but with no good way of recovering and stalling in front of tough enemies. One of the best fire leader at the moment.
  • Amaterasu (1427i) - Fire/God leader, special playstyle. Not suited for those not willing to invest resources on crafts and special members.


  • Ophiuchus (1541i) - Not strictly Earth God-Elf team; stronger as a God leader (god-elf restriction) with built-in utility at solving boards and shields like nothing. See Page one analysis.
  • Izanagi (1429i) - Earth leader, very stable. Best Earth leader at the moment.


  • Daoloth (1643i) - Light leader (beast-dragon-elf). The best light leader that is not a black diamond (competing with TSZ and Maya), utilizing Colin, Fenrir (Solar/Lunar Wolf combination), and Pluma. See Page one analysis.
  • Arthur (1453i) - Light Human leader (light humans only), good after buffs. Imperial Warlords II can help it further. ONLY FOR players with comprehensive Light human deck (Yi Yeh Shu required).


  • Rose (1610i) - Elf leader, leaning Dark. Excellent spinning skills required, but one of the strongest Elf leaders out there.
  • Lu Bu (1291i) - Dark leader, great damage, so many good dark cards to choose as members. Best dark leader at the moment.
  • Tsukuyomi (1431i) - Dark leader, used with ally Anubis (black diamond). The incredible dark gods can help out the team even further.

Specific Race Leaders

  • Azathoth (1645i) - Dragon leader, Emperor of Dragon teams. Best dragon team at the moment that can clear stages at lightning speed. See Page one analysis.
  • Guan Yu (1277i) - Water-Fire-Earth leader (Human-centered). One of the candidates of demolishing Arena.
  • Sakura (1604i) - Elf leader, good versatility. A good elf team for those not looking forward to spinning skills requirements of using Rose.
  • Aloha (1406i): Beast leader. Great for players wanting to use Beast teams, and the active skill is very good.
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