“No way! This food is just like a dog food. How could I serve it to my guests!?” The cuisine on the table is all delicacies, but Yuan Shao was still unsatisfied.
        “Master Yuan Shao, we’ve already cooked 75 times. What exactly are you dissatisfied with?”
        “How dare you refute me!? You’re the chef here! Ask yourself!” Yuan Shao handed one of the dishes to a chef and pushed his head into the food. “Eat it! Do you think my guests will accept such quality?”
        “...We...We go cook again…”
        “Just throw them away! Even dogs hate it!”
        The chef had no choice, but to leave and take their dishes away. Yuan Shao continued instructing his servants.
        Yuan Shao’s father was the top of the aristocratic. He owned the most territories amongst them, so he had been living a luxurious life. Yuan Shao was the youngest son, and also the most spoiled son in the family. The pampering of his parents had turned him into an arrogant and bossy child that everyone must obey his orders. Yuan Shao always bawled at his servants, even taunted them. People hated him, but had to bear him as he would succeed Yuan Feng as the top of the aristocratic in future.
        Later on, a mayor named Lü Bu suddenly emerged. He was different from Yuan Shao. He did not just talk but acted, who trained his soldiers in combat and expanded his territories step by step. Some nobles had already bowed down to him. But to Yuan Shao, it was undoubtedly a great humiliation. Then, he feasted Lü Bu with delicacies, in order to let him know Yuan Shao was the leader of the aristocratic…
        The feast was ready. Guests arrived one after another. Yuan Shao was sitting in the center of the hall; he never took the initiative to greet the guests, but just waited for them to come forward. At this moment, Diaochan who dressed in pink costume walked into the hall gracefully. All the present guests were amazed by her beauty, even a dandy like Yuan Shao.
        She stopped, but did not show her courtesy to Yuan Shao as other guests did; she glanced right and left. Rarely, Yuan Shao welcomed Diaochan in person——
        “Hi gorgeous, may I know your name?” Yuan Shao asked politely.
        Diaochan gave him the cold shoulder: “It’s none of your business.”
        “You——!” No one dared to treat Yuan Shao like this, which actually aroused his curiosity about her. Whenever he needed something, he had to get it at any cost. Everyone was respectful to him, let alone refuted him bluntly. Yuan Shao took Diaochan’s hand and pulled her to him, but Diaochan did not have the strength to resist; Yuan Shao turned her face to himself, forcing her to look at him. He said as his face got close to her: “The more you resist, the more I like you. I can’t wait to taste your juicy little lips.”
        Their lips almost touched each other. As Yuan Shao thought he would succeed, someone pulled him up and threw him away! He strenuously sat up and saw a figure standing in front of Diaochan. The figure was talking to her, but made light of Yuan Shao.
        “Darn it! How dare you flirt with my wife? Are you audacious or simply stupid?” Lü Bu shouted at him as he came up slowly.
        The guests laughed up their sleeves over Lü Bu’s words. Witnessing his embarrassment, Yuan Shao snapped, pulled out a soldier’s blade next to him and pointed against Lü Bu!
        “No one ever dared to talk to me like this! You’ll pay for it!”
        “Oh! It starts to become interesting——” Lü Bu grinned. He beckoned Yuan Shao without using any weapons, “Bring it on! I take every challenge!”
        “Roar!” Yuan Shao charged at Lü Bu. Lü Bu was a veteran in combats, so he was not intimidated by Yuan Shao at all; instead, he put away his smile, keeping a close eye on Yuan Shao’s moves.
        Yuan Shao swung his blade to Lü Bu, who had already saw through his action; Lü Bu blocked his attack barehanded just at the right time! Yuan Shao was dumbfounded; Lü Bu grinned again. Yuan Shao went all out, trembling all over, but his blade still did not move an inch.
        “Ha! Even my oldest maidservant is stronger than you!” Just a little push, Yuan Shao rolled far away, and could not have a grip on his blade. Lü Bu picked it up and walked towards him; Yuan Shao intended to fight again, but found out that his blade had long gone. As he looked around in panic, Lü Bu had come before him——
        Lü Bu said as he put the blade on his neck: “Loser!”
        As Lü Bu raised his blade and slashed, he stopped suddenly——Yuan Shao shivered with fear, wetting his pants…
        “Rubbish!” Lü Bu threw away the blade, which pierced into a wall tightly. He took Diaochan’s hand and left; Yuan Shao, in an instant, was held up to ridicule by the other aristocratic.
        “You! What are you looking at! The feast is over! Over! Get out now!” Yuan Shao, wearing his wet pants, looked pale and was ashamed of such awkward moment.

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