There was an isolated tribe that lived in a dense bamboo forest. This tribe embraced the way of nature, living symbiotically with Mother Nature. Thus, they would never do anything that could harm her.

        Among the tribespeople, there were few who were imbued with the ability to manipulate the power of nature and transform into giant pandas. This gifted person would inherit the title of “Druid”, and the responsibility brought by the title to protect the tribe while also maintaining the balance between the ecosystem and the life of villagers. A Druid would pass on all the knowledge to the next heir. Before a Druid relinquished his duty, he would look for the one among the villagers capable of summoning the power of nature. Then, he would impart knowledge acquired over a lifetime to the new Druid. To the villagers, the existence of Druids was essential to their daily lives. As for the Druids, they also felt proud of their identity and innate ability, for both of these were granted by the mother nature.

        Everyone in the village, except the newly appointed Druid, desired Druid-hood. The new Druid thought of his gift and mission as restraints which had kept him away from the life he had been dreaming of...

        “Yunyang! Yunyang!” The present Druid was yelling in all directions in the forest, looking for the figure of “Yunyang” among the bamboo. The Druid could already guess the location of the one he seeked; he shook his head and sighed, returning to the village.

        The Druid arrived at the village’s square in where a circle of maidens stood, as if mesmerized? Pushing through the crowd of spectators, he saw Yunyang playing a lute and singing aloud. Immersing in the music, the young man grew increasingly excited and passionate as he performed, going as far as taking off his shirt. All the maidens screamed and dispersed at the sight. It was not until then did Yunyang see the Druid standing behind the maidens. He promptly froze, while his elevated mood plunged dramatically...

        “So here you are as I’ve expected! You promised to practice manipulating the power of nature in the forest, didn’t you?!” The Druid was frustrated, but still, he kept his voice low and calm.

        “Did I? I don’t quite remember having promised that!” Yunyang replied with a chuckle, and planning to leave with his lute in hand. At the moment, much to his surprise, the Druid abruptly snatched his lute away.

        “If you want to get back the lute, find me in the bamboo forest tomorrow! You’ll never see it again if you do not show up this time!” The Druid threw a glance at Yunyang, followed by a wry smile. Then, he walked back home with a quick, light step.

        Yunyang was left dumbfounded. But soon, he realized that the Druid had tricked him. He could not help yelling at his shrinking figure, “You devious old codger!”

        Yunyang had always thought that the existence of one Druid in the village was already enough. He did not view attaining Druid-hood as a matter of urgency. He hated the daily teaching and training, and detested being frequently reminded of his innate mission. Therefore, to him, escaping from the intangible pressure and restraint into his world of fantasy even for a second was enough.

        Yet, things did not proceed as he expected. It had been the Druid who had fixed the date for training, yet, it was also the Druid who did not appear. Yunyang waited for him in the forest all day long, and not until the sky grew dark did he irritatedly leave to look for the Druid. Yet, he never expected he would find the Druid unconscious.

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