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        Yunyang was originally an intern Druid, who was unable to control his morphing. As time went by, he became a Panda Druid who could freely control the power of nature. After the elder Druid passed away, Yunyang officially succeeded his position in order to keep the balance of nature as well as maintaining the peaceful livelihoods of the villagers.

        One day, after Yunyang applied the power of nature, shiny mild green light engulfed the bamboos in the village as well as Yunyang’s body. In the green light, bamboos grew from the land, replacing those that were chopped down by the villagers. Yunyang then waved his hands above his head, green light fell upon his body. Black and white fur grew all over the body parts that the green light touched. His limbs morphed into claws. After a while, the green light gradually disappeared, so did the bamboos. Yunyang had successfully morphed into a giant panda.

        “Master Druid, are you going to visit the pandas in the woods?” The village chief asked, with a smile on his face.

        “Well, the number of pandas is declining. With this trend, I’m afraid pandas might become extinct one day. I have to do something!” Yunyang said while walking into the woods. Before he disappeared among the bamboos, Yunyang suddenly turned around and said to the villagers: “Please, call me Yunyang. ‘Master Druid’ sounds too old for me…” The villagers burst into laughter, so did Yunyang.

        After arriving at the bamboo forest, Yunyang searched for the pandas in the places they would gather to eat and drink but to no avail. “Are they still asleep?” Yunyang thought and walked to the pandas’ resting site. Bamboos covered the entire site, with a mild breeze passing by the bamboos from time to time. It was definitely a comfortable sleeping spot. However, It was breeding season for pandas and they should be active, but all of them were lazily sleeping! He walked up to chat with the pandas.

        “How are you? Are you sick?” Yunyang woke up the panda in front of him, but the panda answered with a big yawn: “No...It’s just...too comfortable to wake up…” “But you have more important things to do except sleeping!” “Really? There’s nothing I can think of...What’s more important than sleeping...” With these words said, the panda closed its eyes and went back to sleep. Yunyang decided to find a female panda to chat with this time. However, the female pandas were not interested in the fat, lazy male pandas, so they left after making a few simple remarks.

        Returning to the village, Yunyang went through the books left by the elder Druid. He anxiously asked: “What can I do?“ Suddenly, something caught his foot. Yunyang looked at the objects that caught his foot—turns out they were wooden boxes with musical instruments inside. He took out the lute. As past memories came to mind, Yunyang remembered how he gave up being a Druid because of music, but then realized it was music that enabled him to freely morph between panda and human. “Music brings happiness...Why couldn’t I remember this earlier today?” This thought suddenly struck Yunyang’s mind as he began to examine the instruments…

        The next day, Yunyang took the instrument boxes and arrived at the pandas’ sleeping site again. He blew the trumpet and woke up the pandas. Upon catching their attention, Yunyang started to play different types of instruments for the pandas. Everything went smoothly as planned. The pandas were soon attracted to the beautiful music. Yunyang taught them how to play the instruments as well as simple dance moves.

        Day by day, the male pandas didn’t sleep as much anymore. The male pandas’ passion towards music helped restrain their laziness and brought out their inner wildness; while the female pandas, attracted to the music, came back to their mates. It was music that broke their prejudice and aloofness, bringing them together again. Seeing all the pandas lying next to each other, Yunyang happily returned to the village.

        Yunyang returned home and opened the door, only to see a female panda elegantly lying on the bed! Upon seeing Yunyang, the female panda said: “Darling~ I’ve been waiting for you all day~” “What...What!?” Yunyang was in complete shock that he screamed. The female panda gradually approached him and said: “Come here! My sweetheart!” Yunyang immediately morphed backed into a human and explained: “I am a human, not a panda. See?” The female panda was shocked, but after awhile, it smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter! You have a beautiful voice, sweetheart!” “Help, help!” Yunyang screamed and ran away, but the female panda closely chased behind him...