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        ‘Don’t be afraid! Let’s leave together!’

        Running in the jungle engulfed in endless darkness, a girl held in her arms a lamp lit up by a light sphere inside. Her delicate dress was covered in mud. Regardless of the pain on her body, Yvette kept running deep into the jungle. She could neither listen nor feel anything except the voice of her companion in her head.

        ‘Run, Yvette! Run!’

        Suddenly Yvette was tangled by some translucent threads and got caught in the air. She struggled so desperately that her hair were pulled aside. Yvette took her clothes off and fell onto the ground naked. She would rather let herself be hurt than breaking the sphere. Not until the light shined on the clothes could she see the dreadful blood stains on the dress.

        ‘Help! Yvette!’

        Yvette was shuddering and shrinking, yet she still clutched the light sphere into her badly bruised body. The sound of the desperate and resentful cry of her companion persisted in her mind. Just then a sharp pain shot up her enfeebled legs. Yvette could bear no more, as she saw countless hands grabbing her legs, dragging her back to that confined and shadowy dungeon.

        “No-” Yvette grasped a rock and hit herself hard on the leg. “No! I’m not going back... not going back in there! No-”

        Yvette battered her own legs to blood and pulp until she was completely exhausted and passed out. In the darkness, the mellow gleam of the light sphere attracted numerous moths and butterflies fluttering to it, and covering up the wounded body of the little girl. Since then, the girl and the bugs lied still and moved no more. They were buried under the leaves shed in the fall. Then fall slipped through into winter, and winter turned to spring which brought gentle breezes to the land. By this time, Yvette had already merged with the moths and butterflies, becoming the Earth Chrysalis—

        Demons have been curious about human since they discovered the existence of the realm of men. Before the battle between Gods and Demons, the demon savants have been performing all kinds of experiments in the human world. They studied the integrability of elemental power and human body. A duke in league with the demons was entrusted to collect souls of the deceased. They handed a magical sphere over to the duke, which was then given to the slave-dealers. The sphere was used to absorb the souls of deceased slaves who could not bear the unending torments. However, it began to possess magic power with which the kidnapped orphans escaped. Though the duke sent his men right away to hunt them down, the magical sphere could never be found...