To escape the enemy’s pursuit, two young Onmyō practitioners fled to a room in which Zendouki and Myoudouki were sealed. The practitioners slammed the door with a loud bang. Guarding at the door, he pondered worriedly. He knew that the door could not stop the enemy for long... He turned to look at the other practitioner who was still panting, and ordered, “Shigeharu, take the Sealing Sphere with Yatonokami inside, and leave now! That way.”

        “What are you talking about, Akikane? I will not leave without you!” Shigeharu was startled.

        Akikane walked up without words, and grabbed Shigeharu by the collar; he said, “Let me put this in way troublesome brats like you would understand; you’ve always been an eyesore to me! Get out of here right now, you troublemaker!” With that, he shoved Shigeharu onto the floor.
        Just then, the hammering on the door grew more and more intense. Akikane walked to the seals of Zendouki and Myoudouki; facing away from Shigeharu, he shouted, “Why’re you still here? Get out!” Shigeharu could only stand up and exited via the other door in the room. After he had left, Akikane spoke while facing Zendouki’s seal, “You are my Shikigami. Now as you belong to me, you are at my command! Heed my order, and reveal yourself!”

        After Akikane had summoned Zendouki, he immediately gave her an order. “My Shikigami, drive away the enemy now!”

        Zendouki took a quick glance at the practitioner before her. He was not strong enough to make her comply, for his ability was light years apart from the one who had sealed her before. She had been waiting long for this chance... Zendouki said in a weak and tender voice, “The situation out there is really dangerous... I am worried I would not be able to handle it by myself.”

        “What do you mean?” asked Akikane.

        “The full potential of my power can only be unleashed when I am with my husband. Under the current circumstances, we will only have a chance of winning if we combine my husband's power with mine.” Zendouki said as she grinned eerily.

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