Zero and the gang infiltrated into the Cullinan’s mansion to rescue Ali Baba from abduction. But they were caught up in traps out of careless. Zero and Mellow had fallen into an underground slide and got separated from the pals…

        They slid down the passage intersecting with different paths with great speed. It was too fast that it made Mellow look as pale as a sheet. “Don’t worry. We’re gonna be fine,” Zero comforted her gently.

        He maintained the posture during the fall that sat facing backward; Meanwhile Mellow was holding Zero at his neck with her petite body so tight that it began to suffocate him.

        “I, I can’t breathe...But it’s alright, hold on tight and don’t get hurt…”
        “Why don’t you just say it!?” Mellow let go her hold a little.
        Finally, Zero could catch his breath, but the moment did not last long. Mellow gripped him tight again and yelled, “ahhhh! The slide is broken ahead! We’re gonna fly!’

        “AHHHHH!!” there were two more cats flying in the mid air——Choux and Ghostie, cutting in from another slide.

        Zero, holding Mellow into his arms, successfully made it to the end of another slide; Following after them, Choux and Ghostie were sliding down the passage at a high speed together. “It’s ok. Just be chill,” said Zero composedly.

        At this moment, he turned around and saw Ghostie trying to signal something with gestures. “NAILS AHEAD!” she screamed at the loudest as she could.

        The foremost part of the passage was glittered with horrifying nails. No one dared to imagine the dreadful outcome if their butt slides through the nails. So, the cats were desperate to grip the edge of the slide with their paws, leaving a few, long scratches on the edge. It did slow them down a little, but not helpful at all.

        “Nooo! We’re doomed!” The cats kept jostling against each other. Pow! The track of the slide has changed to connect another side. It was a close call, they nearly hit the nails.

        “No panic, no rushing and no chaos. Every cloud has a silver lining,” Zero said with a smile. It turned out that he coincidentally hit a lever when everyone was pushing and shoving.

        Fear had not come to an end yet as dozens of cockroaches crawl out out of the slide to their bodies while the cats were sliding past.

        “Easy, easy. We and cockroaches can coexist with each other.” Zero, lucky enough to avoid all of them, helped Mellow to get rid of the roaches one by one.

        “WHO WOULD WANT TO COEXIST WITH THEM!” The ladies were freaking out to the max. Suddenly, some kind of rotten smell filled the air, making them cover their noses instantly.

        The odor of garbage was getting intense. It turned out that the slide actually led to a refuse chamber in the Cullinan’s mansion. As they were about to hit the garbage bags, Mellow kept shaking Zero’s shoulders fretfully, “I’m not diving into the garbages! I’m not getting contaminated!”

        Zero managed to bend backwards with his arms and legs open to reach the edges horizontally; he made use of his well-built body and pulled the maximum strength to bear the weight of the three cats, blocking them from sliding down.

        “ waist...Never, never mind. I can do it…” Zero moaned painfully as he took the hits thrice by his pals.

        With all his might, everyone successfully stopped right in front of the refuse chamber, but some feeble meows were sounded around a dumpster…

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