“If one cannot return to the past, what is the point of constant memory. If fate does not want you together, what is the point of vows. Everything that has happened today shall leave no mark on history, like ripples through water. Someday in the future, I would just be another stranger to him.”
        The Descendants of Nüwa had always lived in isolation from the world in Fairy Island's Water Moon Palace. That day, Li Hsiao-Yao had journeyed to Fairy Island in search of a panacea, and the kind-hearted Zhao Ling-Er brought him into her palace. After retrieving the panacea, Li Hsiao-Yao had unfortunately run into Nanny as he promised he would leave. To save his life, Ling-Er married Li Hsiao-Yao. Yet, even on their wedding night, Ling-Er had a vague feeling that she would just be an impermanent occupant in dear Hsiao-Yao’s life.

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