“I haven’t eaten in three days...Maybe I'll just have one bite! No! I can’t eat now! Otherwise, I’ll become their dinner, just like the others…”
        Zhu Bajie, the pink swine, struggled to resist the pig food in front of him. His mates and he were caught by Golden Horned and Silver Horned and taken from the citizens. Day after day, his mates vanished one by one. Now, he was the only one left…
        “Golden! You’ve drank too much. It’s my turn now!”
        “Silver! I just started drinking!”
        “Golden! Let it go!”
        “Silver! I won’t!”
        Golden Horned and Silver Horned were scrambling for their special gourd. The liquid within remained their secret. The gourd could suck mortals and demons into it and turn them into an elixir filled with demonic power. Whenever the gourd was full, they took turns drinking it to boost their powers. However, every time they drank from the gourd they quarreled about who could have more.
        Their quarrel was particularly intense this time. Golden Horned was reluctant to let go of his hand from the gourd. Silver Horned began to feel impatient, so he picked up the silver medallion around his waist and knocked Golden’s head, who dropped the gourd to the ground because of the pain! Golden Horned was not willing to give up, so he picked up the golden medallion around his waist and hit Silver Horned with it!
        While they were hitting each other, they were unaware of the small crack in the gourd that formed when Golden Horned dropped it to the ground. The demonic elixir began to leak from the gourd…
        “Wow...It smells good…”
        Zhu Bajie traced the scent and used his instinct to search for its source. The moment he found the source, the spilled elixir had become a small puddle.
        “Just a little sip won’t make me fat..”
        Zhu Bajie ignored the quarreling Golden Horned and Silver Horned, lowered his head, and immediately drank the elixir. He kept drinking and didn't notice the demonic power making physical changes to his body——His trotters turned into human limbs and his features as a pig were completely gone, including his fangs. Finally, Zhu Bajie had transformed into a handsome man.

        “Silver! I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have drank so much!” Golden Horned said as he gently touched the swelling spot on Silver Horned’s head.
        “Golden! I’m sorry for losing my patience!” Silver Horned said as he gently touched the swelling spot on Golden Horned’s head.
        “Silver! Let’s drink it together!”
        “Great idea, Golden! Hm? Where is the gourd?”
        Golden Horned and Silver Horned soon made up, and then realized they had lost the gourd, so they followed the demonic trail to find it. Both of them were stunned to find Zhu Bajie, who was still licking the elixir puddle on the ground, in his human form...
        “Silver! He dared to drink our precious elixir!”
        “Golden! We'll never forgive you, thief'!”
        The two charged at Zhu Bajie together; Zhu Bajie, who didn't have time to react, was blasted into a stone wall!
        “Oink——!” Zhu Bajie screamed like a pig.
    olden Horned and Silver Horned weren't going to give Zhu Bajie a break and continued to beat him up with their medallions. Zhu Bajie fell to the ground, covered his head, and did not fight back at all. His whole body ached with pain Even though he screamed and groaned, Golden Horned and Silver Horned did not show any mercy.
        “Ahhhh! Oink!” Zhu Bajie could not help but roar over and over again.
        The deafening roar echoed in the cave. Golden Horned and Silver Horned had to cover their ears but still struggled to endure it. Zhu Bajie took this opportunity to escape.

        The frightened Zhu Bajie kept running and did not slow down, in fear that they would catch up to him. After a while, he was gasping for breath and was incredibly thirsty. Fortunately, Zhu Bajie saw a river nearby and rushed over there without hesitation. He gulped down the water until he no longer felt thirsty and then sat down with a satisfied look.
        “Oink...I made it...Hm? Why do I know the human tongue?”
        After a rest, Zhu Bajie saw his reflection in the water and realized he had turned into a human!
        “Ahhhhhh! How could this be? Why do I look like this?”
        Zhu Bajie screeched in despair. He felt anxious and kept turning right and left to observe his appearance. He then screamed like a maniac: “My handsome face is gone! I’m so ugly now!!” Zhu Bajie's scream loudly echoed, which shook the ground.
        “Calm down!”
        Zhu Bajie heard a voice and turned to see a giant crimson staff suddenly hit him in the face. However, he didn't react in time and took the hit.
        “That hurts——”
        “Your scream was too loud. I’m almost deaf!”
        There was a monkey, a kid and a man with a skull necklace standing in front of Zhu Bajie. Since the monkey also knew the human tongue, Zhu Bajie thought he might be able to help him. He then grabbed the monkey’s ankle and said: “Please help me! How can I change back to my handsome pig appearance?”
        The monkey took a closer look at Zhu Bajie and responded: “Your demonic power is not strong enough. If you practice more, maybe you’ll be able to switch between pig and human forms at will!”
        “ that so...thank god.” Zhu Bajie felt relieved and sat on the ground.
        A man walked closer to Zhu Bajie and smelled his body: “Sun Wukong! This guy smells like the elixir and possessed similar demonic powers!”
        “Do you mean the elixir of Golden Horned and Silver Horned?”
t “Golden Horned and Silver Horned——” Sun Wukong grabbed Zhu Bajie and commanded: “Bring him to them! We need to let them know they’ve messed with the wrong guy!”
t “Huh!? I don’t want to go back! I’ll get beaten up again!”
t “You’ll get beaten up right not if you don’t!”
t Zhu Bajie did not have the guts to defy Sun Wukong, so he had no choice but to bring them to the cave of Golden Horned and Silver Horned.

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