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        Sunset painted the sky orange. A giant creature was hovering over the land. Looking around, it seemed to be finding something. Soon, a target was spotted.

        The creature spread its white wings and went into a dive towards the blooming grassland. When flying close to the ground, it glided smoothly in the air without hurting a single flower on the soil.

        “Behemoth, you’re here. I have been looking for you for a long time…” Feeling excited, Ziz ran to meet the burly Behemoth right away. When it stepped closer, Ziz found that Behemoth was talking with someone in crimson figure.

        “Pompeii, you can’t let those Eldus act whatever they want. If you don’t eliminate them once and for all before they grow stronger, the result would be devastating!” Behemoth urged Pompeii to take action. Flashing soft light with his red eyes, Pompeii refused.

        “Behemoth, I know how you feel, but I prefer using it as a last resort. After all, killing isn’t the intention of Monesis.”

        Hearing the conversation, Ziz could not contain itself anymore. It cut in while looking at Pompeii with a frivolous glance. “Humph! After all, it’s simply because you’re a coward. Killing is inevitable if you want to protect your race.”

        “Ziz...killing those Eldus may bring peace to our land, but it’s against my will. Even though my approach is difficult, I want to do it in a right way.”

        “Sigh...Pompeii, you’re too naive.” Behemoth heaved a deep sigh, but next second it burst into laughter.

        “Haha, but I like it! If you need my help, just tell me,” Behemoth answered with a smile. It was not the result that Ziz expected to see.

        “One day, Pompeii will pay for his foolishness!” Ziz insisted that its idea was right.

        Afterwards, Eldus successfully captured the mechanical city. The noise of fierce battle came into the ears of Behemoth and Ziz. Worried about the situation, Behemoth decided to help, but Ziz stopped it immediately.

        “Enough! Just leave them alone. They asked for it!”

        “They’re my friends. I can’t look on with folded arms. Don’t worry. I’m strong, Ziz. You know that.”

        Ziz surely understood. It was saved by Behemoth from the chase of enemies when it was young.

        At that time, Behemoth took down almost a hundred enemies as easy as pie. Ziz would never forget that valiant look in its mind. Since then, Behemoth had become its target, hoping that one day Ziz would be as strong as it.

        Behemoth decided to head towards the mechanical city, but Ziz was not willing to give up. It flew and shouted, “they deserve it! Pompeii shouldn’t have let this thing happen. Is it really worth it to risk your life and save them?!”

        “Even so, I still have to go. I promised him.” Behemoth closed his eyes to gather elemental power, which started covering its whole body.

        “You can’t stop me, Ziz.” Behemoth vanished into thin air; and the gigantic shockwave had knocked it flying to the sky.

        “...No...Don’t go…” Ziz could not move after taking the hit. With its consciousness fading way, soon it fell into a faint.

        After a while, Ziz finally woke up. It looked at the mechanical city right away. However, the metallic architecture exposed was totally gone.

        “No, NO!!! Behemoth!” A surge of fear spread within its heart. Ziz flew to the city entrance regardless of the injury, but now it had turned into a deserted place.

        Worse still, the vessels that covered the entire land no longer existed. The world in sight was unfamiliar to Ziz, but what made it truly felt desperate was the vanishing of Behemoth.

        Ziz was in a state of nervous collapse. It went berserk, giving a deafening roar of rage that caused the massive land to crack. Ziz cast a sandstorm with its wings, locking the place up.

        Continuous howls and cries expressed its despair and helplessness. Ziz’s rationality was beclouded by beastliness, which turned it into a heartless animal, killing everyone near the mechanical city.

        Long days passed. Even Ziz could not remember how many creatures it had killed. Every day it lived in sorrow and grief. This day, two figures passed through the sandstorm to the eye of cyclone. Ziz thought it would kill both of them as always without hesitation. However, a familiar smell filled the air——the unique metal smell of Machina.

        “Give Behemoth back to me!! You bastard!” Ziz said with a ferocious face.